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Modi’s focus on 100-day plan

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Modi’s focus on 100-day plan

admin1 April 15, 2019

According to reports, Modi has been focusing on strategies to be followed after elections, The authorities have been asked to prepare a report on the policies to be followed in the first 100 days after coming to power. The Prime Minister’s Office, Niti Ayog Vice Chairman and Central Advisory Technical Advisor, have been asked to create an agenda according to the double-digit growth rate in the next five years. “We are focusing on removing the complexities of oil and gas, minerals, infrastructure and education. By 2047 we are planning to set the foundation for India as a developed country within 100 days of coming. We believe that by removing the complexity of the key components we will increase the 2.5 per cent growth rate, “a senior official said.

 The country has been focusing on the entire election. PMO, Niti Iyog and Science and Technology sectors are headed for agenda design. A senior official said that a series of meetings were held. In this regard, there is widespread discussion on the utilization of funds and the creation of medical facilities in rural areas. Tourism, micro-small industries have focused on many sectors as part of the creation of mining, coal, energy, education, health and employment that contributes to improved growth.

When Modi comes to power, the authorities will be of great importance to the relief of drinking water and river basins. We will focus on the construction of dams and the utility utilization of the river Sindhu. Also, plans are being planned on the construction of roads and airports, said a one-on-one official.

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