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Movie Review: Hello

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Movie Review: Hello

admin1 December 22, 2017

Hello, which is termed as the ‘re-launch’ of Akhil, younger son of Nagarjuna, is a neatly packed romantic entertainer with a dose of action. Vikram Kumar once again weaves magic with his captivating screenplay.

Akhil who appeared clueless and uncomfortable in front of the camera in his debut film comes up with a very good performance in Hello. He has a camera friendly face and got an agile body that can come handy in songs and fights. This guy is here to stay. Kalyani is a good performer too. Her cute face and expressive eyes will impress the viewers. Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishna are very good as adoptive parents of Seenu. Ajay has a limited role but makes his presence felt.

Vikram Kumar is a director who tries to do new things in every film. He has the talent to narrate a very simple story in an arresting way. Plot of Hello is very simple, but Vikram Kumar makes it a pleasant watch with his screenplay writing skills. Hello may not rank among the director’s best works, but it is a film that will add weight to his repertoire.

Anup Rubens does a great job as the music director. Vikram Kumar brings the best of Anup and Hello is another fine example for it. Even the background score is soothing and elevates the soul of the film. PS Vinod’s cinematography is excellent. The stunning visuals will not let you blink your eyes. Action choreography is another asset to the film. Production values are so rich proving that Nagarjuna has given it everything to make his son’s second film click.

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