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Movie Review: Malli Raava

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Movie Review: Malli Raava

admin1 December 9, 2017

Sumanth is back in action after a hiatus. His latest film Malli Raava has been buzzing on the social media with interesting promos and innovative promotions. The film did caught the attention of film lovers, but did it really live up to it?

Karthik (Sumanth) is left all alone after his lady love Anjali (Akanksha) breaks up with him. While Karthik is preparing to move to abroad Anjali comes back to invite him to her marriage. Meanwhile the lovers recollect their past romance in different flashbacks.

Sumanth is into forties now. Age is showing on his face, which is why he looks a bit ‘mature’ to play the lover boy in this film. His performance is good though. Akanksha Singh is a very good find. She can emote and also looks beautiful. Annapurna is good in the supporting role. Remaining star cast mainly consists of new actors and everyone did well within their space.

Gowtam Tinnanuri’s plot is simple, but he makes it interesting by narrating it in multiple flashbacks. His writing is one of the major assets of the film. He did well in getting the emotions right towards the end. However, he should have avoided too many flashbacks which may confuse the audience if they aren’t attentive.

Music is the major bonus for this film. Background score is soothing and the songs are melodious. None of the songs get in the way of the narration and are gelled well with the story. Cinematographer did a fine job in capturing the scenic locations of Konaseema. Editor had a tiring job on hands as the narrative is complex. His work is commendable. Production values are alright.

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