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Movie Review: Saptagiri LLB

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Movie Review: Saptagiri LLB

admin1 December 7, 2017

This is Saptagiri’s second attempt at playing the lead role. One would expect comedy out of a film starring comedian in the lead role, but Saptagiri LLB is treated like a commercial hero’s film, which is its major minus. It is an official remake of Bollywood film Jolly LLB, which has a good script, but the remake makes a mess of it.

Saptagiri wants to be a successful lawyer so that he could marry his cousin (Kashish Vohra). Prominent criminal Lawyer Rajpal (Sai Kumar) successfully defends a rich guy from a hit and run case in which five people were killed. Saptagiri files a PIL against the rich guy and the case reopens. Can Saptagiri overcome the power and tactics of Rajpal to come out successful?

Saptagiri resorts to action, romance and dances again. He doesn’t do much comedy and projects himself like an established action hero. You are in for huge disappointment if you expect good comedy out of a Saptagiri starrer. Kashish Vohra cannot act. She is just there for the sake of glamour. Sai Kumar delivers a commendable performance as the successful criminal lawyer. Siva Prasad as the judge gets a meaty role and he is okay in it. Shakalaka Shankar got nothing much to do.

Director Charan Lakkakula altered the screenplay of the original to incorporate commercial elements like songs and fights. A plot like this doesn’t give scope for commercial elements, but the director used every opportunity to cut into a fight or song. The direction is pretty amateurish. Director delivers a substandard product in spite of having strong content on hands.

Songs and background music are pretty loud. Dialogues are equally bad except for the translated version from the original. Cinematography is good. Editing also is fine. The film is made on a decent budget and looks rich in every frame.

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