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Movies in Fibernet!


Movies in Fibernet!

admin1 April 14, 2018

State Fibernet Ltd (APSFL), which has made available TV, phone and internet facilities at Rs. 149 per month, is now available to viewers of the movie. The film was signed by the filmmakers. Filmmakers KS Rama Rao, Dil Raju and Tagore Madhu met the IT department minister Lokesh at Friday’s Secretariat. As part of the development of fiberglass content, an agreement was signed between APPSFL-Producers Council. The agreement was signed by EOVO Dinesh Kumar on behalf of Dil Raju, APPFFL on behalf of the Producers Council. Speaking on this occasion, Dinesh Kumar said that APPFL has a network of over 12,000 cable operators and 1200 MMSs and it is yet to be upgraded. Subsequently, Dil Raju said, “The deal with APSPF is very useful for the Telugu industry. He said the producers would be financially integrated with Fibonnet Ltd. KS Rama Rao said that in Andhra Pradesh, the development of film industry, studio construction and film nagar are going to come up with a full plan. He wanted Lok Suresh to do government support and he responded positively.

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