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Nag Ashwin Movie with MegaStar


Nag Ashwin Movie with MegaStar

admin1 May 12, 2018

Nag Ashwin has proven that he is a passionate director of the film. Both films were both … both critically acclaimed. Since the release of the Mahanati film, Nag Ashwin’s name is mostly heard. NAG for the movie is hard on the screen. Megastar Chiranjeevi today honored the producers of the director of the film.

Some interesting things came out of the press meet on this occasion. Ashwanieth said … We have heard many stories of Chiranjeevi for the last two years but are not shy. Our combination will have a big cinema. Nag Ashwin was also thinking of a line .. The name of the film is Bhairava … The Time Mission Concept is going to be a movie. Chiranjeevi said, “I have a film like Patala Bhairavi, a folk background and a trick like Mantras.

Vyjayanthi Movies, Chiranjeevi and Nag Ashwin combine to have a movie. But it does not make sense. Chiranjeevi is currently busy with Sira. Then there are movies with Boyapati Seenu, Trivikram and Kotaala Shiva. And see what’s going on here.

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