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Nani’s Attitude

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Nani’s Attitude

admin1 December 13, 2017

Ever since MCA trailer broke out, all fingers are pointed at Nani’s stereotyped role. The characterization of Nani in MCA has close similarities with his previous film Nenu Local. The pride attitude that Nani portrayed in Nenu Local seems to have been repeated now in MCA as well.

If one closely observes Nani’s recent films, he has been taking up roles that are overshadowing the film and its story, let alone other characters. Be it Ninnu Kori or Majnu or Gentleman, Nani’s roles have outwitted the film’s story.

While many expect novelty from a smart actor like Nani, his stereotyped roles and being typecast is putting off many movie buffs.

No doubt, Nani is a promising actor who acts so naturally. However, one would expect him to come up with something new that amazes all.

It is not clear whether Nani is bounced off with similar roles by filmmakers or is he himself selectively picking up such roles. At the moment, red flags are being raised on the same. Let’s wait and see what will be the final outcome of MCA.

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