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Narayana sensational comments on Telugu CM’s


Narayana sensational comments on Telugu CM’s

admin1 March 14, 2018

CPI National Secretary Narayana has made remarks on current political situation in Telugu states. He blamed AP Chandrababu Naidu’s attitude in the special status of Andhra Pradesh. Narayana also opposed the decisions taken by KCR in Telangana.

Chandrababu is afraid to take political decision on BJP, Narayana said. Babu questioned how the TDP ministers should be removed from the Center and how the NDA would be removed. Chandrababu took four years to find out that the BJP is unfair to the state. He said the center of Andhra Pradesh is given special status. Chandrababu suggested that all parties should fight for special status. Narayana said there was no time spent on the package. Narayana criticized the Telangana CM KCR regime for the Nizam regime. Opposition leader Janarreddy has been suspended from the Assembly. He alleged that KCR is trying to suppress opposition. Recently, Parliament and Assembly meetings are often not adjourned.

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