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No Panchayat Election In Bhadrachalam

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No Panchayat Election In Bhadrachalam

admin1 January 8, 2019

Before the name of Bhadrachalam, the Sitaramala Temple is remembered for anyone. One of the two revenue divisions in the district is Kothagudem and the other is Bhadrachalam. Bhadrachalam, now a major village panchayat, does not appear to be the local assembly elections in Sarapaka. These two twin gram panchayats have been proposed as municipalities but the administration does not have a look at the rule of law, Even though the grouping of the gram panchayats is over, the polling of these two places is not enough. The panchayat election has now been removed from the list as it considered it to be a municipality. Bhadrachalam revenue village was given by the government and the panchayat has no elections.

Bhadrachalam township, though upgraded to municipalities, is back and back in the old way. Due to disputes over the formation of the municipal and municipalities of the district, there is no disadvantage of the elected representatives. Demand for these two gram panchayats to be taken into consideration. Experts claim that they have to act as a constitution if they have a provision to make it more likely to be urban municipalities than 15,000. According to the 5th Schedule of the Constitution, there will be a need for some amendments to make changes in respect of the rule in the region. These resolutions need to be made at Parliament level.

This rule is not enough to shake up because the rules governing the whole country are in the fifth schedule. In Telangana there are more than nine per cent of the tribals who want to amend the laws. It is said that changes can be made after fixing these issues. It is widely believed that it is better to keep Bhadrachalam and the Panchayats in the old way. Though the Governor knew that the two Panchayat Upgrade files were available, the tribes did not respond very well. In the absence of the present Gram Panchayat Election list, they are coming to the jurisdiction.

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