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Not New Age Politics, they are self-goals, Pawan!

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Not New Age Politics, they are self-goals, Pawan!

admin1 October 20, 2018


Pawan Kalyan’s Srikakulam visit to Cyclone affected regions came at a time when relief operations and repairs in the district were underway as an aftermath of Titli. However, it looks like Pawan’s only motive was to criticise the government’s relief operations.

In a series of Tweets, Pawan lambasted the government for neglecting those affected by the Cyclone. He said: “I will keep updating on my Twitter about Thithili cyclone damage’ with photos and videos while I travel. The world doesn’t know the extensive damage it caused.” If one analyses this tweet, it is clear that Pawan was busy with Kavathu while the media was abuzz with news about cyclone Titli and the havoc it caused in AP and Odisha.

In another tweet, he said: “In Srikakulam while Titli cyclone effected families outpouring their grief; AP Govt Launches an App urging people to upload the photos with GEO tagging for the damage caused to them..” Through this tweet, it is clear that Pawan neither understands how a Government uses technology during disasters nor does he make an effort to understand it. Geo-tagging is a way for the government to assess damage if it has missed out on any, while there is always a separate on-ground assessment team which estimates damages through physical verification.

In another tweet, Pawan said: The Irony is even after the sixth day as we visited,half the villages are still under darkness, Dear Respected Chief Minister,please show them the light in the hour of darkness’.” His lack of knowledge on ground is clearly reflected through this tweet. According to sources, 36,000 electricity poles have been grounded and restoration has been underway 24X7. But, looks like Pawan’s self-goal is to criticize but not help those who are in need of it.

It would be good if Pawan Kalyan does not politicize Cyclone for his self-goals but at least wait till the restoration works are completed. It is unfortunate that someone who preaches and demands “New age politics” is practising age-old politics of mudslinging at every opportunity he gets.

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