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Obulapuram Mines Iron Ore Will Use To Kadapa Steel Plant

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Obulapuram Mines Iron Ore Will Use To Kadapa Steel Plant

admin1 January 11, 2019

The AP government only came up with the Center not taking action on the Kadapa Steel Plant in the division of the law. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu laid the foundation stone for the steel industry in Mayilawaram. The responsibility of creating DPR on steel construction will be handed over to the agency. Meanwhile, the iron ore required for the steel industry was initiated to move from the Obulapuram mines adjoining Karnataka in the Anantapur district border. The Geological Survey of India is considering the reserves of iron ore deposits in the forest area of obulapuram. Officials are getting the approval for the full extent of this. There are fine iron ore reserves within the villages of Anantapur district along the Ballary Protected Forest Area in Ballary, Karnataka, Obulapuram, Siddapuram, Malapanagudi, Tumuti, Vithalapuram.

Previously some of the mines were taken to lease and mined iron ore. Karnataka BJP leader G Janardhana Reddy came into the news with the mines. The mining in the region is currently being used for the Kadapa Steel Plant. Anantapur district D.Herahal Mandalam will be studied before the iron ore deposits in the protected forest area within the obulapuram village. Three blocks are selected for this purpose. The first block consists of 42 hectares, covering a total of 350 hectares. In this block, leases were allocated for iron ore excavations in the past. Besides controversial Obulapuram mining company, leasing is named after BIOP, YMR and Sons. However, the lease deadline in the suspension with the Supreme Court orders will expire next year.

Forestry should be allowed to study GSI on iron ore deposits in all three blocks. Both the forest and the mines have to be allowed to study because these blocks are already in the old leases. Three blocks will be studied by the GSI officials after the approval from the Forest Department. Shortly thereafter, the GSI team set up a camp at D.Herehal. It is estimated that iron ore deposits are up to 45 in the three blocks and the depth of the soil.

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