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Pakistan Arrests 28 AP Fishermen Near Gujarat Coast

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Pakistan Arrests 28 AP Fishermen Near Gujarat Coast

admin1 November 30, 2018

Pakistan captured 28 fishermen from Andhra Pradesh who went fishing in the sea. Of these, Sikkoes are 20, while the Vizianagaram District has four and East Godavari fishermen. All of them together went to Veeraval on the coast of Gujarat on a sea of fish on Wednesday and entered Pakistan’s territory by mistake. The Pakistani coastal patrol forces took control of them there. Officials said they belonged to ten people in the village of Dummelamasam district of Srikakulam district. AP Fisheries Commissioner Ramashankarnayak told the media that four fishermen were fishing in the fishing boat and three boats were caught by the four passengers who were caught by Pakistani Coastguard. He explained that they had collected information about the information they had provided.

Minister K. Venkata Rao instantly took the matter to CM Chandrababu, as they were working with the fishermen in the coastal area of Gujarat. CMO and AP Bhavan ordered the officials to respond and take action to release the fishermen of Chandrababu. The AP officials have been alerted to the Indian High Commission in Pakistan. The Indian high commission on the incident took the attention to the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan. Indian official Gaurav Ahluwalia was in touch with Pak officials. Coast Guard fishermen have been sent to Karachi.

AP Bhavan Resident Commissioner Srikanth said … they have already spoken to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on the orders of the Chief Minister. Indian officials informed the Pak Foreign Ministry that marine security was arrested by the fishermen. He also said that steps would be taken to add captured fishermen to their homes as soon as possible. On the other hand, the affected fishing families are concerned for their well-being. They beg to bring them up as soon as possible.

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