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Pakistan Supreme Court given shock to Musharraf


Pakistan Supreme Court given shock to Musharraf

admin1 June 14, 2018

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has given a huge shock to former President Pervez Musharraf. He has issued orders not to contest the elections. Earlier, the court on Thursday allowed the court to withdraw the decision to contest the elections in the Musharraf election. In 2013, the Peshawar High Court had lifted a lifetime ban without competing in the Musharraf election. Musharraf’s most wanted in many cases has been in Dubai since 2016. Musharraf had approached the Supreme Court to lift the ban on him. The trial court had last month allowed him to compete in the elections to be held on July 25. On June 13, the court ordered to appear before the court.

Musharraf filed a nomination from Dubai to contest this time from Chitral. Musharraf was not present in court on the orders of the court, but his lawyer requested the court for more time. Judge Musharraf gave him time to 2 pm on Thursday. The judge made this decision even after Musharraf did not attend the court.

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