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Pawan Likely To Announce Manifesto At Janasena Party Formation Day Meeting In Rajahmundry

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Pawan Likely To Announce Manifesto At Janasena Party Formation Day Meeting In Rajahmundry

admin1 March 14, 2019

The Janasena Party Janasena Party Formation Day Meeting in Rajahmundry on Thursday. This made extensive arrangements for the Arts College ground. The meeting will begin at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, with a large number of party leaders and activists from 13 districts. Pawan Kalyan will announce his manifesto in the meeting. Pawan, who will be launching election campaign from here, has been named as the Yuddha Shankaravam. Pawan is expected to reveal the possibilities of the people to come to power if his party comes to power. Janasena issued a paper last August explaining what items would take into consideration in the manifesto. These include free cooking gas cylinders and cash transfer instead of essentials.

Mainly, farmers, women, and youth have decided to provide financial support to the farmers like the other parties in janasena with the creation of Manifesto. It has been incorporated in the Manifesto to provide a cost of Rs 8,000 per acer. Center sources say that the scheme is different from PM Kisan Samman Fund and their scheme will help up to Rs 20,000 per hectare. Pawan, who is partnered with retired officials and professors in the manifesto design, held meetings with them.

Furthermore, women’s safety will be promoted in the manifesto. It will also refer to the employment of young people with free education and medicine. Pawan Kalyan has also decided to hold a pavilion in Rajahmundry in the backdrop of the Janasena kavathu held last October. Responsibilities of the land were handed over to Akula Satyanarayana, Kandula Durgesh and others.

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