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Pawan with children


Pawan with children

admin1 April 9, 2018

Hyderabad: The top hero Pawan Kalyan is seen with his children Akira and Arya On Sunday, Akira celebrated his 14th birthday. Charan’s birthday wishes to his brother. He shared a photo of him. There are also Charan and Akira along with Pawan and Arya.

In fact, personal photos of Pawan come out very little. This is rarely seen in social media. Charan Post has come up with tribal reactions, comments. “Akira fell over Pawan, Charan thanked us for sharing this photo and posted a special post for his younger brother.”

Recently, Charan’s birthday celebrated. Pawan and Charan are good friends. He spent valuable time with his family. The pictures taken at this point were then shared by the center of the school, Cherry Social Media. Pawan and Akira along with Biju also participated in this celebration.

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