Wednesday , 22 November 2017
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Photo Story: Goddess in White Bikini!

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Modeling and acting have ceased to be two different professions as actresses and actors are becoming models and models are becoming actors as well. In our country, models and actresses participate in the search for Calendar Girls and those who are selected are sent to exotic places to design a sensual calendar with their images.

The model Sara Jane Dias, made debut in Telugu besides Pawan Kalyan in Panjaa. She attracted the youth with her looks, but could not continue in that, since she could not prove her acting skills. The actress has few offers in Hindi and Tamil along with Telugu, but everywhere had to digest failure as an actress. But he still has a great following as a model and makes many photos as part of his profession.

Similarly, for one of the photoshoots so posed in a white bathing suit among the glaciers of thick ice. She shared this photo on social networks and remembered that during her early model days, she used to look like this. Well, beauty like this should not be ignored, what do you say?
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