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Piracy film on RTC bus .. Katie Fire


Piracy film on RTC bus .. Katie Fire

admin1 April 16, 2018

Minister KTR expressed concern over the display of piracy films in Telangana RTC buses. He blamed the manner in which the RTC personnel acted. Naturtal Star Nani’s latest film ‘Krishnarjuna War’ was released on the next day at the TSRTC Garda bus. Sunil Koppappu, a young man who tweeted this to KTR. He also told Ketiar, including a screen shot, that Krishnaarjuna wrested the piracy at a bus in Hyderabad coming from Hyderabad. Sunil questioned how the piracy is going to be done in public institutions and how the person is going to control the file.

KTR responded immediately to the tweet of the young man. He has rubbed on the staff of the RTC staff and urged the company to do so again. Sunil thanked Ketiar immediately after responding. He expressed his frustration on the manner in which Ketiar responded when something happened.

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