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PK Became A Real Politician Today


PK Became A Real Politician Today

admin1 February 12, 2018

Pawan Kalyan: ‘Refrained from making comments that trouble the Government keeping in mind the crisis post bifurcation. I feel more responsibility than anyone else as I came into politics on my own to do something to the people. Though I raised few valid questions in the meetings at Tirupathi, Kakinada & Anantapur, The rulers failed to offer any clarification.

The duo held one to one meeting for more than one hour in which Pawan received political tips and also suggestions from the senior leader.

Now, TDP Govt which accepted the Package has been raising the same questions. Why did they wait for around two years for it? When I had sought White Paper on Polavaram, TDP Govt asked Me to go through the details in Website. Will they issue White Paper on the central funds if I ask them? That’s how they have treated an Alliance Partner! If there is no fault, what’s there to hide? I am asking Government to offer details to the Committee by February 15th, so that facts can be told to people’.

Besides discussing mutual cooperation in the creation of JAC and its functioning, Undavalli gave a sincere advice to Jana Sena leader. The Congress leader told Pawan to held interaction meetings with Press persons regularly.

Undavalli: ‘I am impressed with the first question asked by Pawan Kalyan during Today’s meeting. It was because of Pawan, TDP has formed Government in 2014 but still his request for white paper had fallen in the deaf ear. I feel PK kickstarted the real politics Today. Had complete faith in the committee formed by Jana Sena Chief.

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