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Please specify the purchase of Raphael


Please specify the purchase of Raphael

admin1 October 11, 2018

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a key order on the country’s racketeering on the purchase of 36 Raphael fighter jets from France. The Central Government has ordered to submit the details of the procedure for the purchase of Rafael FighterJet to the Seild cover on 29th of this month. The price of fighter jets in the deal made it clear that it is not necessary to disclose other technical aspects. CJI Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice SK Kaul and Justice K. Joseph were also questioned by the lawyers of Vineet Dhand and ML Sharma. Attorney General KK Venugopal’s argument on behalf of the central government on this occasion said that the public interest litigation was filed with political malpractices and demanded immediate dismissal. The highest court responded by saying, “We have the price of Rafael Fighter jets, which is ours? Do not ask questions like this. Only the question of legitimacy is the process that has been adopted to deal with this agreement. What would you (the center) do if you wanted to tell the manner in which the Raphael purchase agreement was made? ”

Venugopal said, “It is not possible to disclose these details to the interests of the country as well as the provisions of the FighterJet purchase agreement.” The Supreme Court once again questioned, ‘If you ask us to provide details without the technical aspects of the agreement, what will you do?’ Attorney General said, “The public interest litigation filed by the Supreme Court on the Rafael Agreement does not address any poor interests in the country. All these petitions are politically motivated petitions. The petitioners’ lawyers were referring to the same questions, even though the center gave a clarification on the Rafael Agreement in Parliament. The present agreement is ongoing in the country between the government and the opposition. These petitions are permitted to be used as political instruments if permits are allowed at this time. Judiciary should not intervene in such policy decisions taken by the government. If the court now issued notices, it will go directly to the Prime Minister. So please dismiss these petitions.

The petitioner ML Sharma said, “The rest of the deal, including the price of Rafael Fighter jets, has already been placed before the Parliament. In this context, it is argued that it is not right to hide in India. The Supreme Court heard the arguments of the two sides. It is clear that they do not go to the points mentioned in these petitions. The Rafael Agreement concluded that the notification would not be issued to the central government. Rafael FighterJet has revealed that this information is requested only to satisfy the legitimacy. Subsequently the further hearing was postponed to October 31. The deal was signed with France on September 23, 2016, to buy 36 Rafael jets worth Rs 58,000 crore ready to jump into the plot. The Opposition Congress is claiming that there is massive corruption in the deal.

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