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Polavaram Project Creates Guinness Record In Concrete Works

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Polavaram Project Creates Guinness Record In Concrete Works

admin1 January 7, 2019

The Polavaram Project, which is the livelihood of Andhra, has created a world record in construction work. Guinness Book of World Records gained momentum in the fastest concrete works. Concrete works that began at 8am on Sunday morning were continuing for 8 am on Monday morning. On Monday morning at 8 am, 30,664 cubic meters of concrete was completed and the Guinness record was received. Workers did not take a break from biting the bones and took part in duty without a break. An average of 1300 cubic meters concrete was filling up the hour. Works in the light of the floodlight. Nearly 4,000 personnel were involved in the supervision of 24 engineers. The work began on Sunday morning at 8 am and 1,275 cubic meters of concrete was laid on the first day.

The Navayuga construction company has made arrangements to make record concrete works on December 17. But it was postponed due to the Pethai storm. Over 15 thousand cubic meters of concrete works are underway. The Guinness Book of Records officials gave the Sunday time the Navayuga company and the project authorities have arranged additional concrete works. Early on Sunday morning, 8 o’clock began work. The first hour was slightly lower, but then the speed was up to 1300 cubic meters in concrete.

Guinness has been prepared in advance for the records of recordings. Seven thousand tonnes of cement, 22 thousand tons of sand and 36 thousand tons of gravel are available. Ten blocing centers have been constructed and concrete was added. Concrete is brought to the blocks with 71 transit mixers. The works were reviewed by Chairman of the Dam design panel AB Pandya. Age without any shortcomings in the preparation of the construction of the company’s Managing Director K.sridhar staff reviewed from time to time. A team of 24 engineers examined the Guinness Book Records. AP Water Resources Minister Devineni Umamaheswara Rao also spent the night on the floor and supervised the concrete works.

In 2017, 21,580 cubic meters of concrete was planted in 24 hours as part of a tower construction in UAE. Polavaram has reached the records. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has expressed his disappointment over the achievement of the Polavaram Project. Navayuga fame MD Sridhar telecast on Sunday night. Thousands of engineers, employees and laborers are sweating night and day. Praising the participants in Polavaram’s work will be retained in history. On Monday, the Polavaram project will be officially received by Guinness Book of Representatives and will be officially receiving Guinness World Records.

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