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Police On Look Out For ‘Absconding’ Janardhan Reddy In A Ponzi Scheme

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Police On Look Out For ‘Absconding’ Janardhan Reddy In A Ponzi Scheme

admin1 November 8, 2018

The former Karnataka minister, Mining King, Janardan Reddy, is still in custody. The police are searching for him. Gali Janardan Reddy, who is facing allegations in illegal mining case, is now involved in another case. He has alleged that he has signed a Rs 20 crore agreement to protect the Bangalore-based Ambident Pvt Ltd, a money-laundering company from the ED. Furthermore, the ED officer is facing allegations of Janardhan Reddy’s bribe of Rs. 1Cr In this case, the police are on the air to hear Janardhan Reddy and he is absconding.

Carnatic police are gaining momentum for Gali Janardhan Reddy and his accomplice Ali Khan. The ambient firm has been accused of violating the Rs 500 crore irregularities in 2014. This amount has proved to be fraudulently collected from people. Since then CCB and ED officials have been investigating the chairman Syed Ahmad Farid. However, it was revealed in a police inquiry that Janardhan Reddy had made a deal worth Rs 20 crore to avoid the fraud from the case. The CCB police had prepared the area to arrest him.

The CCB policeman, who went to the Parijatha residence of Janardhan Reddy in Bangalore, found his home locked. The lock is open and checks. According to Bangalore Police Commissioner Sunil Kumar, the lookout notices were issued to air and aliqhan. In the by-elections to the Reddy brothers’ good fortress Bellary Lok Sabha seat, the incident happened the following day after the loss of sister Janardan Reddy’s sister Sriramulu sister Santana. This is the first time Congress has won this seat since 2004.

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