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Political Parties Offering Lakhs Bribing Of Voters

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Political Parties Offering Lakhs Bribing Of Voters

admin1 December 6, 2018

With the end of the election campaign, the polling time is getting worse. Political parties have prepared the banknotes to inspect the voters by surveillance and election surveillance by the Election Commission and the Police Commission with eagle eyes. The candidates of major parties are moving in the most secret of money bags to pay cash from Wednesday night to Friday. Police believe that Rs 800 crore has been hidden in suburban areas along with Hyderabad to purchase votes. A police officer said that cash withdrawal from various cities is being moved from here. Cash and cash are available at Rs.Crs.

The funds were secretly seized for some candidates in Khammam, Warangal, Nizamabad and Mahbubnagar districts along with 24 constituencies in Greater Hyderabad. By assessing an average of Rs 20 crore per applicant, the parties have moved them to different places where the candidates indicated by different means. This equation was made from Hawala and real estate companies. Leaders from different parties are handing their black money to Hawala agents and sends information to their followers in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Agents are transferred to real estate businesses in Telugu states and transfer to their branches in Hyderabad. This money is then taken by the representatives of real estate companies.

From November 1 onwards, the cash evacuation was completed. The Rangareddy from Hyderabad, Khammam, Mahbubnagar, Nizamabad and Warangal districts were evacuated to Rs.Crs One party had purchased the dips during the Diwali and moved up to 2,000 notes worth Rs 5 crore in the van. As soon as the police got information, it immediately responded and checked the vehicle. The party also changed the vehicle as it was aware of the issue. Only the police were left in the police so that they left the vehicle.

Money transfers to voters in the middle of the night are rising. People wait and wait for the door to see where they are. If time is not available, it is alert that someone will change money in the middle. The candidates of two major parties have been distributing cash for Rs 2,000 each in Khammam for three days. Leaders come on bicycles and dump money.

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