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Prajakootami win historic requirement: Chandrababu

Andhra pradesh

Prajakootami win historic requirement: Chandrababu

admin1 November 28, 2018

Telugu Desam leader and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu cadre said that the prajakootami victory in telanagana was a historic achievement. He wanted to win the politics of the people and the politics of the people. Chief Minister Chandrababu has held teleconference Wednesday morning with the Telugu Desam Party leaders. Speaking on this occasion, he said that if the farmers in Andhra Pradesh made a loan of Rs. Dwakra in Telangana has not given rupees to women. Every Dvakra woman in AP has earned Rs 10 thousand. In AP, 10 lakh people have been given jobs in government and private sectors. In Telangana it is not even half of it. In the case of farmers suicides in AP, the government expressed concern that 5,000 farmers in Telangana have been blamed for suicide. The richer state of Telangana has been losing money in four and a half years ago, even in the budget deficit,

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