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PRC on August 15


PRC on August 15

admin1 May 17, 2018

Chief Minister KCR said that a new salary adjustment policy (PRC) will be issued to the government employees and teachers in Telangana on August 15. The report will be submitted to the Committee within two to three days on the basis of the PURC, On June 2, we will announce the medium term. The ban on general transfers is being lifted and it will be done before the panchayat elections next month. Special General Secretary Ajay Mitra, Chief Secretary Athirisinha and Secretary Shivshankar are appointing a committee for policy formulation on transfers. He said every year there are transfers. We will appoint the government to legalize the issue of unified services of teachers. Employees within the Partnership Pension Scheme (CPPS) have been awarded a grant during posthumous and post retirement. He said the movements of husband and wife will be made quick. Employees’ promotions have been reduced from service to three years to two years, and each employee has been obliged to make promotions at the chosen time limit. Employees working in remote areas will be given specialty and 5 days special general holidays will be given to employee employees, without any restrictions on holiday travel allowance (LTC). In the event of death of their employees, their families are obliged to take compulsory appointments within ten days, allowing them to serve as employees’ duty on the day of retirement. He said that Telangana employees in AP will get immediate returns. The cashless healthcare system will be implemented as a pedigree. He held a meeting with his associations in Pragati Bhavan on Wednesday on staff and teachers’ issues. The ministers itala Rajinder, harisravu, jagadisreddi government mukhyasalahadaru Chief Secretary SK Joshi, Finance Secretary Ramakrishna, tienjivo chancellor deviprasad, tijivola Chairman srinivasgaud teacher MLC paturi sudhakarreddi, janardhanreddi, pularavindar, aikasa leaders karem ravindarreddi, Mamata, Rajinder, Satyanarayana, Beauty Rameshwaram Reddy, Ravi Shankar Reddy, Laksham Reddy, Rechal, MB Krishnayadav, Mujeeb and others participated in the event. The meeting was held for about four hours. Speaking at the beginning of the meeting, the employees said they were like a lifetime and what they wanted.

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