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PRC will be given to employees soon


PRC will be given to employees soon

admin1 May 16, 2018

The state government hopes to implement the eleventh Wage Amendment Commission (PRC) within the prescribed deadlines for the remuneration of state government employees. On June 2, the new Pricee Fit is to be announced as the state’s day of birth for employees, teachers and RTC workers in the state. The tenth anniversary of the current Parsi expires on June 30 this year. Whenever the eleventh Parsi is applied, it will have to be implemented from the date of July one this year. The government hopes to announce the implementation of PRC on June 2.


According to the previous experience, the process of setting up a salary commission, studying, and negotiating with the job teachers’ unions took about a year to complete. In contrast, CM KCR recently issued orders to complete the PRC process as soon as possible. The ministers and officials have already reported to the Chief Minister the possibility of completing the PIRC study and discussions with various committees in just 15 days. In this context, there is a debate in government circles that the CEI is planning to provide a PRC sweet ceremony on the second date of June. Payment of the dues for the tenth PRC will be completed by November this year. The Finance Ministry has announced that its proposals have been prepared to make new PRCs payments from July.

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