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Pre-Cyclone Watch For Odisha And North Andhra Pradesh Coast: IMD

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Pre-Cyclone Watch For Odisha And North Andhra Pradesh Coast: IMD

admin1 October 9, 2018

The weather department announced that the low pressure in the Southeast Bay of Bengal had become intense hotter into the Bay of Bengal on Monday. It will be further strengthened and become a storm by Wednesday. On October 10 and 11, it has been hit by heavy rains in Odisha and Uttarakhand. The weather department has issued warnings that it will be scorching for two days in the southern coastal district of Odisha. There are heavy rains in many parts of the country and in two days in North and North. Today, the IMD has reported that the winds flow at 65-75 km per hour along the coast and winds at 80 to 90 km per hour. Some areas in the southern coastal region also rain.

It is 690 kilometers from Kalininga and 720 kms to Gopalpur, it said. Within 24 hours, the disaster is likely to turn into a serious threat, and in 48 hours it is possible to turn into a storm. Officials have issued warnings that the fisherman should not go for two days. The Disaster Department has alerted the machinery of the Northern Districts. On the other hand, the storm in the Arabian Sea formed a storm. The name is named Luban. It is heading towards the Oman coast in the northwest. In five days, there are indications in the area around Oman.

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