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Prepare for the semi-final; Komati Reddy’s challenge


Prepare for the semi-final; Komati Reddy’s challenge

admin1 March 14, 2018

Hyderabad: Nallagonda MLA Komatireddy Venkatreddi said the Assembly speaker was not authorized to directly cancel his legislative membership. He said the decision was to be made governor and if he disqualified them, he was ready for a by-election. He was speaking to the ‘witness’ on Wednesday that he was on a ‘democratic conservation’ campaign in Gandhinagh, where the Congress MLAs were suspended and suspended the suspension.

Prepare for the semis: ‘KCR is acting as dictator. Without a chance to speak on public issues in the House. On the contrary the Constitution has stuck on us. The governor should investigate this. Even if there is a negative decision, we are going to get closer to the people. TRS, which is going to cancel the two MLAs’ memberships, is doing the rounds, but my challenge is that we are ready for the semi-finals. We will have more than 100 seats in the finals in 2019, “said Komati Reddy.

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