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Professors appointments as of June


Professors appointments as of June

admin1 March 8, 2018

   Announcements from universities this month Maximum deadline is five years to complete PhD
Biometric attendance is mandatory in all universities and colleges
Kadiyam Srihari revealed the decisions of the Vice-Chairman meeting

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari said the recruitment process will be completed by the state universities at the end of June next year. Varsity will issue job announcements at the end of this month. April and May are examining applications, interviewing and interviewing. To this extent, the vice-chancellors also promised to ensure that. I do not intend to give permission to private universities.

Important Decisions .. Commands ..
* Though the state government has been awarded 1061 vacancies for the vacancies, fewer posts have been issued to lower sections of the demand and higher courses and the subjects asked them to make changes. ” Such approval will be approved. In the case of the recent change in the reservation process, we will have to reassure them and make roster points. We will issue announcements this month, “Kadiyam said.
* The Government allocated Rs 419 crore for infrastructure development in the budgets of 2017-18. In some universities the tasks did not begin. All the tasks for this month are mandated by subcontractors.
* The number of districts has risen to 31. There is a need to fix a range of six traditional universities. The government will guide and discuss these issues.
* All cameras and colleges must be set up by June cameras and biometric equipment. If they are set up, you have to put a clause that gives affiliation.
* Preparation of guidelines to ensure uniformity from entrance to entry to prevent confusion in PhD entries. The PhD should be completed within a maximum of five years.

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