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Prohibit Edelweiss: R Power


Prohibit Edelweiss: R Power

admin1 February 11, 2019

The Reliance Power headed by Anil Ambani has asked SEBI to sought a ban on the Edelweiss Financial Services Group, which is allegedly responsible for the downfall of ADAG shares. On February 6, the letter was sent to SEBI with strong words. Requesting that the company be ordered to leave the security market. The market has been misused by the share price index.Sebi sought a probe into the collapse of Adug Group shares. In this order, the brokerage firm, which has sold heavily in shares, insisted on the recording, phone calls and SMSs of individuals. The seller analyzed the sale of shares in the sale of advertised markets, which led to a sharp decline in the value of Adauge. The shares have also contributed to the losses in the derivative markets as well as cash markets. Allegedly damaged Orpara shares. A spokeswoman for Adag Group said that it would take legal steps to protect the rights of shareholders of their companies.

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