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Public Talk: Disappointing Teaser And Trailer

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Public Talk: Disappointing Teaser And Trailer

admin1 October 11, 2018


Look at the flops that have shaken Tollywood this year and you will understand one thing. Our heroes and directors are churning out the same routine masala movies that are aimed at frontbenchers. Frankly, even they are not endorsing such movies now.

Without learning anything from such flops, it seems like few directors are still banking on that routine stuff only, says cinema lovers who are disappointed with a teaser and a trailer that released other day. Looking at the comments uploaded on YouTube videos of Padi Padi Lechenu Manasu teaser and Hello Guru Prema Kosame trailer, one could easily say that the public didn’t appreciate them well.

Despite the fact that his recent films are megaflops though they have colourful a look, director Hanu Raghavapudi hasn’t learned his lesson, say netizens. Because Padi Padi Lechenu Manasu is pretty usual with the boy running after a girl stuff. At the same time, Hello Guru Prema Kosame has shades of all the previous pictures directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina. Except for slapstick comedy, the content seems to be usual.

These are the days where shocking stories and out of the box ideas are working out to an extent at the box office. Let’s see what happens to those films.

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