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Railway Kitchen In Lifestreaming


Railway Kitchen In Lifestreaming

admin1 June 13, 2018

Earlier news reported that the food supplies supplied by the trains were not quality and that they would have a bad environment in the railway cannons they make. Last year, the CAG reported that there was no food to feed the passengers in trains. The Railways has taken steps to help the passengers learn how to prepare food in the trains and prepare them in any environment. The Railway Department is planning to set up CCTV cameras in railway kitchens for this purpose. It will enable travelers to view live streaming on the IRCTC website. This facility will soon be available for passengers.

200 base kitchens make food for railway passengers. Central Railway Minister Piyush Goyal is also planning to set up cine cameras. The base kitchens are located in several major cities, including Dilli, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar and Jhansi. The Railways have been working on setting up CCD cameras and putting them live on the IRCTC website. Travelers can visit the railway station for a ride on a railway station. Travelers can see how these dishes are cooked in kitchens and how the hygiene can be observed by this livestreaming. Everyday Indian Railways will prepare 12 lakh meters. Goyal decided to use artificial intelligence (AI) for this livestreaming.

IRCTC recently got a new app called ‘Menu on Rails’. By this the passengers can learn how much food is offered in trains. The IRCT has brought this app to address complaints of complaints of selling foodstuffs at higher prices than MRP.

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