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Rajnath Shoked At His Own Ministry’s Circular Over Hyderabad…..

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Rajnath Shoked At His Own Ministry’s Circular Over Hyderabad…..

admin1 July 8, 2014
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 When TRS MPs met the Minister in Delhi and complained about the circular’s content, the Minister was puzzled! He is now looking at the file and seem to be asking questions to the officials in his ministry on the motives behind the circular.Rajnath Singh, the minister himself under whose name the circular was issued. We know that a strong lobby works in MHA for certain AP bigwigs and the circular seems to be their handiwork. The circular came 2 days after Naidu’s request for the same! They seem to be emboldened by their lobby which holds the reins of power in Delhi and AP to issue the ridiculous circular, which every court on the face of earth will trash in the dustbin. Here is the full text of the controversial circular

While AP CM Naidu welcomed the circular soon after it was issued and demanded even more power to Governor, the lobby’s plans to usurp power over Hyderabad doesn’t seem to be making any headway now, going by Rajnath Singh’s reactionrajnath singh.

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