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Ranking of Telugu states 8


Ranking of Telugu states 8

admin1 April 4, 2018

HYDERABAD: The Telugu state hawas in the National Institutes of Contingency (NIRF) issued by the Central Government for educational institutions continued. Overall, 8 AP and Telangana states have been ranked in the top 100 academic institutions. Seven organizations last year. National Center of Hyderabad Central University ranked 11th and is the best among Telugu states. In the university division, there has been an increase of over 10 per cent. In the Engineering Department, However, in the last six years, there have been 41 Telugu schools, but this time the number of nine divisions has been expanded to 39 k. This is because the number of college students is down from 10 to two. Whatever the courses, the center has selected the first 100 institutions in the country, including 8 Telugu states. Telangana Hyderabad Hyderabad Central University, IIT Hyderabad and NIT Warangal rankings increased. Last year, the HCU totally slipped to the 11th position in the 14th position. The university departments reached seven to five. The IIT Hyderabad ranks from 26 to 22, from 10 to 9 in Engineering and Nit Warangal from 82 to 78, and from engineering to 34 to 25. Andhra Pradesh ranged from 69 to 36. The prestigious Osmania University fell from 38 to 45. The university departments dropped from 23 to 28. Sri Venkateswara Varsity also dropped from 68th to 74th. This time the first 100 places have been replaced by Kel University (83), Tirupati (89), Vijayawada.

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