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Regional parties plays cruicial role in upcoming elections: KTR

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Regional parties plays cruicial role in upcoming elections: KTR

admin1 December 15, 2018

TRS working president KTR said that the regional parties plays key role in the upcoming elections. In the next election, the BJP has not won more than 150 seats. Congress-Non-BJP parties are more likely to be. Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Ketiar said that KCR has handed him the gravest responsibility … to serve the people and the government. People have approved KCR leadership. All the promises given to the people are clear. The TRS has been given power since the efforts of the activists. The TRS would be taken as a strong force and the party needs to be institutionalized. Ketiar said he would work for the implementation of the guarantees in the manifesto.He said the TRS would be brought forward to face the panchayat and Lok Sabha elections effectively. In the 2019 elections, neither the Congress nor the BJP is coming to power. In most states, regional parties are strong. In the last elections, TRS Majority has won 15 Lok Sabha seats and expressed confidence that 16 Lok Sabha seats will be held in the next election. If the 16 MP seats are won, the center can be set up. He said the country will change the Telangana compass. Ketiar once again clarified that the guarantee given to journalists is to be retained. They alleged that the public was attempting to force people into the crowd. The media has criticized people to be confused with money. Ketiar said that conspiracies and machinations are not going before public consciousness. Asked why the ECMT was not talking about where Congress won. To review the judgment of the people, the allegations are not correct. Katrakar said that the TRS is an undeniable political force.

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