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Relief to Sidhu .. Rs. 1000 fine


Relief to Sidhu .. Rs. 1000 fine

admin1 May 15, 2018

The Punjab Minister and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu have been relieved since 1988 case. The Supreme Court dismissed the false allegations of murder of Suthupathi in the case. But he was paid Rs. 1000 fine.

On December 17, 1988, a man named Gulnang Singh was struck by a stampede in the middle of the road in Patiala. At that time, Sidhu was also his friend Rupinder Singh Sandhu. In this order, Gidan Singh was taken over. Gurnansing died in this incident.

Sidhu was accused of killing him. The trial court dismissed these allegations and supported the Punjab and Hariyan High Court. In 2006, Sidhu was sentenced to three years imprisonment for allegedly guilty of the incident. But in 2007, Sidhu approached the Supreme Court challenging the High Court judgment. The Supreme Court on Friday ordered the Sidhu jail sentence and granted bail. The Supreme Court has dismissed the latest High Court verdict. However, Rs. 1000 fine. He was also acquitted of his friend.

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