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Remove restrictions on North Korea: Russia

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Remove restrictions on North Korea: Russia

admin1 June 14, 2018

Russia has requested the UN Security Council to restrict sanctions against North Korea, which has signed an agreement with the US to end nuclear weapons. The US has imposed strict economic restrictions in three installments last year. Crude oil and oil exports from Panagang have been banned. Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Nibenzia, suggested that North Korea agreed to change the Korean peninsula into an absolute disarmament in the first meeting with the US.

Russia has demanded that the US, Japan and Europe want to have sanctions until the Pangayang nuclear weapons are completely destroyed. Russia and China have argued that some restrictions should be taken to restore the country to the full-scale disarmament of North Korea. The UN conference will soon be convened to discuss the results of the Singapore Conference. However, the Russian Ambassador’s decision to hold the post of UN Secretary-General for the past month has not yet been decided.

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