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Resignation of the President of the World Bank

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Resignation of the President of the World Bank

admin1 January 8, 2019

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim resigned from his post. He was surprised to withdraw three years before the end of his tenure. He said that he will be taking over from the President’s responsibilities since February 1. He said this decision was taken in an opportunity in the infrastructure sector. Jim Yang said that he was “very respected” to be a president of the global organization and has worked hard to eliminate poverty. He said World Bank services are very important in the growing poverty around the world.

Kim became the first president of World Bank in 2012 to take over. Kim’s term for the second term in 2017 was 2022. He has been recognized as an internationally unhappy fighter for poverty reduction. The bank has set two targets to eliminate poverty and increase income in emerging countries by 2030 when the World Bank is appointed as the President of the World Bank in 2012. The current CEO of the World Bank, Christalina Georgieva, is likely to be replaced by a temporary chairperson next month. 59-year-old Kim is from South Korea.

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