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Roja Saves YS Jagan

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Roja Saves YS Jagan

admin1 November 21, 2017

With Jagan’s Praja Sankalpa Yatra is getting lukewarm response, Roja has been roped in to garner media attention. During Jagan’s Padayatra in Kurnool, YSRCP leaders have organised a meeting with women under Roja’s purview. And as usual, Roja has made some allegations against TDP leaders and accused the TDP government for its “anti-women policies”.

Already, media has taken Jagan’s padayatra “light”. As Jagan confined to just making allegations on TDP and repeating his statements without much prominence to common people, media has completely ignored the Yatra leaving only Jagan’s media to broadcast it.

As per the feedback from PK’s team over media’s ignorance, Jagan & Co said to have sought loud-mouthed Roja’s help for the coverage for Yatra.

Already, the strong set back in Kurnool for YSRCP in form of Nandyal by-election is one unforgettable experience to Jagan in the recent times. In order to divert the attention on this, Jagan smartly brought Roja into picture.

However, political analysts say that Roja would do more damage to Jagan than anyone else. Even during Nandyal, her personal comments against Bhuma daughters and their dressing has been one of the major reasons for the huge defeat of YCP.

Even people of Kurnool have not forgotten Roja’s comments on Bhuma Akhila Priya. At this juncture, Roja talking ‘neethulu’ (preaching) on women and their empowerment is certainly evoking laughs.

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