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Rs 500 crore investement… employment for 4000 people

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Rs 500 crore investement… employment for 4000 people

admin1 December 5, 2018

China’s multinational conglomerate Sunny Optic Technologies has signed a deal with the government to invest over Rs 500 crore in the state. IT event organized by the Secretariat, the Secretary of the Department of IT in the presence of Lokesh kevijayanand elaktraniksakhala minister, Sunny Optical Technologies executive vice president Wang venjii change the contract documents. Wang told reporters that the company would set up the camera, lens and vehicle camera modules in August, at an eight-month period in 200 acres. There will be 4,000 job opportunities in the company. The company, which founded the company in 2005, has 28,540 people working around the world. Wong said that it was in the interest of investing in Andhra Pradesh in terms of investment. According to IT and electronics, Sunny Optical Technologies will provide all the necessary facilities, Minister Lokesh said. Lokesh thanked the company’s representatives for sunny optical technologies for the first time in the country to invest in Andhra Pradesh. He said the government is ready to grant the land allocation in Tirupati and Srisi. These companies, which make up 200 kinds of electronics in electronics, will soon be coming to the state. The meeting was attended by state IT agency chief executive Bhaskar Reddy.

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