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Rs 500 crore worth of Bodhan scam

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Rs 500 crore worth of Bodhan scam

admin1 January 10, 2019

The fact that the Bodhan Commercial Commerce Department scandal is looking illuminant. Officials have climbed up to find out about 5,500 chalan’s. This scandal can be more than what is expected to be worth Rs 500 crore. It is only a few that can not be analyzed to see all the clutches of the bullets, but it is surprising that the officials are simply fake. The Bodhan-based commercial tax scandal is known. Where the Commercial Tax Department personnel have been discharged with Dalit Shivraj. The government lost a lot of losses after showing taxes on record. CID, which started the case, has been arrested and Shivraj and others have been arrested by the Commercial Taxes Department. Many sources have been collected. Cyber Forensic Experts have already reported on the difference between the amount of taxes shown in the Commercial Taxes Department and the amount in the treasury. Information collected and analyzed from their servers. There is strong evidence to prove that the Commercial Taxes Department has a role in this scam.

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