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Rs 70 Crore Liquor Sales In Hyderabad At December 31st

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Rs 70 Crore Liquor Sales In Hyderabad At December 31st

admin1 January 2, 2019

In the old year, we were greeted with a new year, hitting the drugs in Hyderabad. The government treasury has been given as ‘full’. Excise officials said that a total of Rs 70 crore worth of alcohol was sold in Hyderabad on December 31 as part of the New Year celebrations. An amount of Rs 60 crore was sold during the year 31 December 2017. This is yet another addition of Rs 10 crore. Officials were allowed to supplement alcohol until midnight, but the sellers and the drugs were full happy. Several bars appeared at around 12.30 o’clock midnight. Many bars and wine shops thrown out of the wine beyond the limit.

Many parts of the road blocked roads when the drugs collided with roads. Police have been accused of drinking drunken drive exams and are not aware of the situation at the wine shops. On December 31, the provision of alcohol not being supplied to liquor shops and berths under 21 was torn. Alcohol is sold in many stores too. Shops were pumped through closed chain stores.

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