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Santhosh Shivan seems to be a big fan of Mahesh

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Santhosh Shivan seems to be a big fan of Mahesh

admin1 September 16, 2017

To those movie lovers who are familiar with 80’s and 90’s cinema, No introduction is needed to talk about two Cinematography legends like P.C Sreeram and Santhosh Shivan. They launched the new camera movement and also threw the old school Cinematography to the sheds by capturing different artistic images in viable commercial cinema. Such Legends normally, don’t come on stage and speak about films and stars but Santhosh Shivan who worked for Mahesh and Murugadoss’s Spyder chose to speak about Mahesh and the film at the pre-release event.

For disturbing him and making him leave the stage early, Mahesh too scolded his fans and asked them to not disturb any technician who worked on the film when they are speaking. Santosh Shivan took it all in good spirits and he even posted a photograph of Mahesh speaking on the stage on social media via his twitter handle. Majorly, he has reputation for being highly volatile and unpredictable with his temper. But he has been quite opposite about Mahesh.

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