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Sarkar Movie Audience And Public Review Rating

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Sarkar Movie Audience And Public Review Rating

admin1 November 6, 2018

In the theaters with a film enthusiast, Vijay’s ‘Sarkar’ has been given a grand entrance today. His latest movie ‘Sarkar’ was released on Diwali today (November 06). The film was based on the movie Murugadas-Vijay combination after the Tupaki and kathi movies. Sarkar’s film is a good response to this expectation. With the premiere of the movie already being shown in the film, the audience are expressing their opinion through Twitter.

Vijay Fans ‘Sarkar Movie’ is the festival of Vijay-Murugadas Mass combo hat hat block buster. Sarkar Power Packed Political Punch Movie. Do not miss a single picture and do a series of tweets. ‘A corporate monster goes to the country where he goes to destroy them. He is now India.’ There is a whistle for dialogue. ‘I did not come to buy any company. Today is the Election Day, I have come to vote for you. ‘Show me a finger ..’ And one day, what’s changing? Vijay fans are doing tweets to explode.

In this movie, Kirthi Suresh played the heroine and Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar appeared in the villain role. An AR Rahman is the music and Sun Pictures is a huge budget.

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