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Saving Rs 65,000 Crore With Jio


Saving Rs 65,000 Crore With Jio

admin1 April 7, 2018

NEW DELHI: Reliance Jio has reportedly saved Rs 65,000 crore annually for its consumer durables, according to a latest report by the Institute for Competitiveness (IFC). “Geo brought data in cheap prices. On an average, the price of ZB data has fallen from Rs 152 to Rs 10. A substantial reduction in the data prices contributed to the use of data in the community for the first time.

The Internet has been made available to a large number of people. According to our statistics, the consumer will have to save Rs 65,000 crore annually from Geo Entry, “the IFC said. The increase in internet expansion is estimated to increase in per capita GDP. “In the Indian telecom market, geo enters the revolutionary changes in the industry,” IFC said.

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