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SBI Goodnews for clients


SBI Goodnews for clients

admin1 March 13, 2018

Delhi: The largest public sector lender State Bank of India (SBI) has good news for its clients. Savings accounts have been reduced to 75% of the charges that are not charged.

Currently, SBI accounts in Metro and Urban Centers are available from customers who do not have a minimum deposit of Rs. 50 per month (except GST), from customers in semi-urban and rural areas per month 40 (unlike GST) is known. Freshly reduced these charges by 75%.

According to this, no savings in savings accounts in metro and urban centers will be Rs. 15 (except GST), while semi-urban is Rs. 12 (except GST) and accounts in rural areas for Rs. 10 (without GST), SBI said in a statement. The revised charges will be effective from April 1, 2018.

Recent criticisms of SBI’s earnings of Rs. Within eight months, the bank has to pay Rs. Some claim that 1,771 crores were spent. SBI has recently decided to reduce the fare in the backdrop.

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