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Shaimi is threatening


Shaimi is threatening

admin1 March 14, 2018

KOLKATA: His wife, Hasein Jahan, has allegedly made another fresh allegation against Team India’s fast bowler Mohammad Shami. He said he threatened and threatened him. ” Shemy is threatening me. Doing phones. In other ways, I’m sending threatening signals. He uses different phone numbers to threaten me. Watsap is making calls. Shamy should be ashamed for doing this. However, I can not compromise until justice happens, “Hassin said. Haseen refers to the compromise proposal made by Shami media, saying that he planned to save his career. Haseen has been accused of killing her for two years and trying to kill her and her family, including Shami, alleging that her brother was raped by him. On the other hand, her first husband, Shafiudin, responded to the controversy by Shamim Hassan. Heine desperately wanted to get back together with Shami’s controversy. Two years later, he was married to two families. He said that they had two daughters and split up in 2010. Hussein said that he wanted to read more, staying on his own legs and staying away. He is currently running a grocery store.

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