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Shock to google; Employee protest with resignation

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Shock to google; Employee protest with resignation

admin1 May 16, 2018

Good salary, flexible work, attractive facilities … the concept of working at home. The one who is willing to give up the job with such good facilities is a favorite. But Google employees have made this adventure. Do not want to work against values ​​of reason. It’s amazing to hear this

Some of the employees who felt that the company had a new project against the values ​​of the company and resigned their jobs and expressed their protest. The US Department of Defense launched a ‘Project Mower’ program for drone technology. In this project, drones can be taken out of the sky and take photos of the earth’s surface, but they will automatically detach people and objects in those photos. Three months ago, the Ministry of Defense signed a deal with Google Company to provide artificial intelligence.

This agreement does not like many employees who work in the company. The mechanism of machines greater than man is contrary to values. Many employees have given their resignation to the company Sioux Pichai and a protest by a company official, who believes that the company’s confidence in the company is involved in the work of the Army. Besides, another 4,000 employees in the company also opposed the decision and demanded immediate withdrawal of the project. Furthermore, in the future, we should also bring the rule that no military projects should be taken up.

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