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Shriya Shaking News


Shriya Shaking News

admin1 April 3, 2018

Actress Shriya is not just for her fans but she’s shocked the film industry. She is a good actress and dancer in the north beauty. She is also known as a lucky actress. In Kollywood, Shriya has taken the opportunity to pair up with superstar Rajinikanth in the eyes of star director Shankar. Similarly, starring heroes in Telugu and star heroes. So for more than a decade, Shriya has been enthralled by the beauty of South, with her beauty, and recently her long-time lover, Andrew Koschev of Russia, married in Mumbai.

A few days later, they released their wedding photos to the media. Shriya and Androcoskov fell in love with the campaign, but no one expected that she would be married to such a sudden. Shriya’s wedding is a shock to the south industry and fans. Now it is agreed to act as a pair of Venkatesh in a Telugu film. The latest news is that she will give another shock to the fans who want to see Shriya’s south silver screen.

Yes, Tata has been told to work with her partner and get ready to stay in Russia. That’s why the campaign to leave Venkatesh with the film has become viral in social media. This is the truth if the smile is small.

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