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Singapore with Indian Passport


Singapore with Indian Passport

admin1 June 13, 2018

Pakistani Mohammad Usman Iqram is the Indian Passport with the help of false documents. The detainee, who provided fake degrees to hundreds of people, is looking at the Cyber ​​Crime Police investigation. The police officers who were arrested this month are illegally taking passports and they are being taken into custody by the court with the directions of the court. Why was the police not suspicious of the fact that Iqram was a Pakistani national and had been in possession of the passport for five years? Ikram, who arrived in Dubai from Nepal six years ago via Nepal, was in what passport? If there is a Pakistani passport, why is there no name in the Foreign Records Registration Center in Dilli? Police are investigating the case. With the help of Nizam Khaja, who lives in Chaderghat, he has created a fake passport as he learned the Iqram degree. Passport received a passport. Even though Ikram is known to be Pakistani, his friend Khaza is inquiring about why he has not been informed.

Iqram is living with his wife in Chaderghat, and the Cyber Crime Police has been relieved by a deep investigation into the lifestyle. With the help of passports, Iqram identified some jobs in Hyderabad city. With Indian passport he stayed in Singapore had been three months ago for three months. Iqram traveled alone with a Tourist Visa? Have done any job? It is learned that the police are collecting details. Iqram Aadhaar card is also available with fake documents. Are there any crimes committed anywhere in the city based on fingerprints and eyes given by Aadhaar card? In the angles of the prosecution was serious. On the other hand, 10th class, intermediate and degree certificates were found to be from the foundation of the Max West West State of the SSC Board. Ten, intermediate certificates are only Rs 50,000 to Rs 60 thousand.

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