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Snow storm in America


Snow storm in America

admin1 March 14, 2019

The heavy rains from the Rocky Mountains have been destroyed in 25 states in America. The winds at a speed of 148 km per hour were damaged in major roads in Colorado, Nebrusca and Dakota. Thousands of flights have been canceled due to snowfall. Schools and businesses closed.In some places heavy snowfall has been damaged and many homes have been destroyed. Electricity supply has stagnated in many areas. As a result, a few million families are in the darkness. Official warnings have already been issued on snow storms in several areas. Meteorologists say the latest storm is ‘bomb storm’.Motorists are facing serious difficulties when snow accumulates on roads. In some cases, vehicles were cracked and crashed with each other. Denver Airport in Colorado was temporarily closed due to snowfall. Airplane traffic stopped. 1,339 flight services have been canceled. In some areas, the authorities have taken steps to help the house collapse. People were rescued from the debris and rushed to the hospital. Officials are alert to the heavy rains due to the storm. The 26 bogs of a train have fallen from the bridge over strong winds in New Mexico.

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